Specialty Products

NEW - Win Plastics has developed a complete line of non-phthalate PVC to meet your phthalate free requirements.

Example of a tank lining application

Tank Lining

Our bulk sheet products are used to fabricate specialty containment liners for many applications. Our standard formulations include:

  • Standard PVC - versatile and low cost material with moderate chemical resistance.
  • High Temperature PVC - specialty plasticized vinyl with very high heat and chemical resistance.
  • Oil Resistance PVC - polymeric plasticized vinyl with excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and fuel oils.
  • Potable Water PVC
    Certified to NSF Standard 61
    - approved for use with potable water.
  • Fish Grade PVC - biocide free PVC that is fish-grade and used to line ponds and tanks.
  • Liquid Fertilizer Grade

Our R&D team is also able to mix custom compound materials to suit nearly any specialty lining application.


Signage & Thermoforming

Our rigid PVC is available in a variety of sizes and is excellent for outdoor signs and many thermoforming applications.

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