Rigid PVC

Winplex is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of Plastic Extrusion
Sheets and is considered one of the best in today's industry.

Extruded Rigid PVC Sheet can be produced in a large range of colors and formulations. White and black in standard grade are stock compounds colors.

Thickness: 0.040" (1.0mm) up to 0.125" (3mm)
Width: 4" (100mm) up to 50" (1270mm)
Length: 24" (600mm) up to 96"' (2.43m) *could handle larger sheets

Our line of PVC sheets includes products for the following industries:
Signs and Advertising
Vacuum/Thermo Forming
Industrial Door

Winplex Rigid PVC sheets have an exceptionally smooth surface to allow for perfect printing. There is no need for decorative overcoats, saving time and money.

Quick order turn around, low minimums (5000 lbs.), high quality and knowledgeable technical staff are all marks of the Win Plastic Extrusions Corporation.

Winplex is the top industrial resource for your Flexible and Rigid PVC Sheets. We can formulate PVC resins according to your application requirements. We are eager to help our customers in any way we can.




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