Flexible PVC

Our quality is the best in the world. The lay flat is perfect because of our exclusive manufacturing process. The straightness, also called race tracking or camber, is superior to any of our competitors.


  • Widths: 4 in. (100mm) to 60 in. (1525mm)
  • Thicknesses: .030 in. (0.7mm) to .5 in. (12.5mm)
  • Lengths: 10 ft. (25.4 m ) to 300 ft. (762 m)
  • Clear Transparent: 7 Opaque Colors/7 Tinted Colors
  • Grades:Standard, USDA Low Temp, Extra Low Temp, Reinforced, Anti-Static and Weld Screen
  • Finishes: Polished Smooth, Offset Double Ribbed, Frosted and Pebble
  • Specialties: Reinforced with Nylon Thread

Compounds inStock:

Grade Color  Opacity
Standard Blue Tint   Transparent
Standard, FR-NFPA  Blue Tint    Transparent
Standard Ocean Blue Tint  Transparent
Standard Insect Control Yellow Tint   Transparent
Standard Safety Orange Orange Tint   Transparent
Low Temp   Blue Tint   Transparent
Extra Low Temp  Blue Tint Transparent
Anti-Static  Blue Tint Transparent
Welding - Amber  Amber Tint    Transparent
Welding - Aztec Red Red Tint  Transparent
Standard   Royal Blue Opaque
Standard, CSFM Fire Rated Beige   Opaque
Standard, CSFM Fire Rated Gray Opaque
Standard, CSFM Fire Rated  Dark Gray Opaque
Standard, CSFM Fire Rated Blue  Opaque
Standard, CSFM Fire Rated Green  Opaque
Standard, CSFM Fire Rated Brown Opaque
Standard, CSFM Fire Rated Black  Opaque
Standard, CSFM Fire Rated Red  Opaque

Thermoplastic Polyurethane: TPA, ester and ether based formulations in a range of shore hardness.
Thermoplastic Vulcanites: PPV formulation in a large range of shore hardness.

Surface Finishes:

  • A - Double Polished Flat
  • B - Double Polished Ribbed
  • C - Frosted (Matte)
  • D - Pebble Top

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